Our History



Supernatural Tours and Events began life in 2006 as the UK Paranormal Research Society. Our aim was simple, to run a range of professional and interactive events across the UK. In 2009 we rebranded to Supernatural Tours, a brand which still continues to operate under Supernatural Tours and Events today.


In 2007 we ran the Great Ghost Hunt with Quay Radio Portsmouth which included three venues and we ran the first ghost hunt in The Dolphin Portsmouth.


By 2009, we had built up an excellent reputation and launched Supernatural Tours, a company that would run ghost hunts and psychic suppers in venues including The Jamaica inn, Woodchester Mansion and many more.


In 2010 we expanded again to include Southampton and Winchester Ghost Tours and launched our psychic supper brand 'Come Dine With Mediums'


By 2015, the company had continued to grow and we launched a new range of theatrical events including theatrical ghost tours, Zombie events and many more.


In 2016 we created Superntural Tours and Events which will continue to provide events including real ghost adventures, fairs, psychic events and theatrical events including ghost tours/walks, Victorian Seances, Zombie Events, Murder Mysteries and many more under our extensive brands.



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