Theatrical Events



Supernatural Tours and Events run a range of theatrical events which are all designed to be interactive and entertaining! They include:-

Supernatural Murder Mystery Events

This is an interactive event including live actors where the participant can also get involved. With so many themes and different endings, these events make a perfect choice.

There is also the option of a disco after!

The Zombie Breakout Experience

Do you have what it takes to survive? In this event team work is the ultimate key! You'll have to complete challenges to escape the Zombie invasion.

This interactive includes live actors, scares and bravery! This tour is not for the faint hearted as its a race against the clock to survive! Just one touch can turn you into a flesh eating zombie!

The Victorian Seance Experience

Take the ultimate challenge and experience a seance like never before! The Victorian Seance Experience has frightened audiences for years and now you can experience the seance for yourself.

Our host will take you in to the seance room. It is a dark room where you will sit around the table. Our host will conjur the spirits of the venue to interact with the group.

The secret is that its all trickery. The same trickery that was used to stun audiences back in the victorian times. This unique experience will get your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping wondering how its all done.

Well, a good magician never reveals their tricks but we can promise you an exciting and thrilling experience.

The tickery used on this event is not used on any of our real ghost hunts.

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